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Coir Lanka well aware that, our valued customers demand the consistent quality standards, timely delivery and competitive prices, and we are aware that, they have their own set of exclusive conditions.​

Drawing on significant knowledge and practice we will,

Coir Lanka assist potential customers with the options available including the product specifications; we coir lanka clear all doubts in the mind of customer to arrive at a clear decision.

Once the demand from the customer is clearly understood, we will select the best suitable supplier from our approved list of suppliers with the suitable factory to manufacture the products with the exact specification required by the customer. We do submit a competitive price quote too.

Coir Lanka in constant communicating with our selected suppliers and we keep an eye on the quality control by regular visits.

We always monitor the production and dispatches are arranging according to schedule.

If production or quality is not as planned, we will take steps to make sure that the order is fulfilled as planned – if needed by sourcing the order from another permitted factory.

We can arrange the transport, shipping and delivery.

The producers of the quality coir are mainly in Northwest Sri Lanka, many of the operational complications disturbing these factories (Political and Labour issues, monsoons, windy seasons etc..) are unfamiliar to the end users in other countries. Coir Lanka has significant knowledge and skill and saves its clients considerable time and money by ensuring constant quality and reliable deliveries.


What We Offer

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Our Mission

At Coir Lanka, our mission is simple: to protect nature and make it a better place with our quality products.

Our Pledge

We here at Coir Lanka pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.