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Product Title: Coir Geotextile

Description of Product:

Coir geotextile happen to be named as well as management practice by many people environment and governmental organizations in assisting reduce soil loss and create new plant life. Coir geotextile are broadly employed for civil engineering programs and slope stabilization programs. Coir geotextile possess the mechanical strength essential to hold soil in position and stop erosion. The nettings split up the runoff and dispel the power of flowing water. Coir also encourages the establishment of recent plant life by absorbing water and stopping becoming dry from the top soil and seed products.

Application of geotextile:

Coir geotextile are moored into position to supply a continuous sheet within the uncovered slope or surface. This sheet reduces raindrop force, runoff rapidity and surface erosion on disturbed soils. Additionally, it may safeguard new plant life and promote in growth and establishment of plant life by slowing evaporation of soil humidity.

Coir geotextile are now being successfully employed for enhancing soil behaviour, stopping soil erosion, as well as in helping consolidation of soil. Coir like a 100% organic and environmental fibre, with great durability, includes a definite edge over synthetic geotextile, within the environment aspect. The finest improvement is it offers an environmental niche for rapid establishment of plant life.

Coir geotextile have been in selection of woven and non-woven types readily available for bio-engineering, as well as geo-mesh, grids, geo-beds, anti-weed blankets, needled felts, erosion control blankets, and coir water logs.

Coir geotextile lasts best amongst natural ones. Furthermore, if this does degrade after 5 years approximately, it forms humus and improves the soil. Coir geotextile are naturally challenging against rot, moulds and humidity so that they have need of no chemical remedies they maintain water and stop the becoming dry of top soil plus they be like natural soil within their potential to absorb soil radiation therefore the tender plants never get heated exceptionally. 

Our Items provides a comprehensive selection of geotextile using the improvements of their own. These may be categorized as, machine made and by hand made in various weights (gram-age) from the nets.

Technical Data of geotextile:

ProductsWeightWarp and Weft
Geo 400400gsm40:352M X 50M
Geo 700700gsm40:352M X 50M
Geo 900900gsm48:482M X 50M

Packing component geotextile:

ProductsWeightLengthLoadability 1x40'HC
Geo 400400gsm2M X 50M
280 Rolls 
Geo 700700gsm2M X 50M
180 Rolls
Geo 900900gsm2M X 50M
110 Rolls

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