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Product Title: Coir Husk Chips

Description of Product:

Coir husk chips are manufactured from the fibrous husk that surrounds the coconut. To make sure a minimal salt content, only coconuts gathered from farms from the ocean can be used for the product, put into that the husk are saved in sweet water and cleaned before processing. Coir husk chips can absorb around ten occasions their very own weight.

Coir husk chips effectively used because the primary component in substrate for growing orchid flowers along with other plants that form aerial roots.

Because of coir husk chips attractive natural appearance they're commonly used like a top layer in containers with plants as well as for other decorative reasons.

Application of coir husk chips:-

The coir husk chips brick ought to be drenched by 50 percent litres of lukewarm water.

Coir husk chips sizes - L = 18 - 25 mm, M = 12 - 18 mm, S = 6-12 mm

pH Value:       approximately. 6.0 +/- 0.5  

Coir Husk ChipsIn briquettes of 500 g
Dimentions20cm x 10cm x 5 cm
Volume5,000 ml

20MT per 1x40'HC in boxes / pallets

24MT per 1x40'HC in boxes / pallets

Coir Husk ChipsIn loose form

100 litres (loose chips) per bag / 32 bags pallet or 

40 bags per pallet for delivery entirely container loads.

Coir Husk ChipsIn 5kg blocks
Weight5 kg
Dimentions30cm x 30 cm x 15 cm
20MT per 40' HC in boxes / pallets.

24MT per 40' HC in boxes / pallets.

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Coir Husk Chips

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