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  • Gardening 101: How To Make Your Own Potting Soil ... - When growing plants in containers, it's important to use a good potting soil. It must have good water retention but also drain well, so that the roots can breathe and you don't end up with root rot. And it must have a balance of ...

  • Creating Your Own Veganic Potting Soil | My Vegan Garden - Most likely, any potting soil you buy at the big box stores will have some form of manure in it. I guess it's possible you can find some mixes that don't include manure but it's rare. That's why for my own peace of mind I always just make my own mixes.

Our Mission

At Coir Lanka, our mission is simple: to protect nature and make it a better place with our quality products.

Nature is here

our values

Our Coir Lanka values distinguish our actions and describe the way we operate:

With courage and without hesitation in       whatever we may create

​With excellent cooperation

With integrity

​With a sense of responsibility, as what we are depends above all on ourselves

With passion and dedication, in heart and mind

With variety

​With exceptional quality, as whatever we do, we do it well

our pledge

We here at Coir Lanka pledge to treat you, our customer, with respect and individual attention.

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