Product Title: Coir Peat Moss Brick

Description of Coco Peat Moss Product:

Coir peat moss brick includes one hundred percent naturally growing compost. These compost are manufactured from coco peat moss and therefore compost are manufactured with natural also no chemicals. Over the years the coconuts continuously  grow and  there's  no over exploitation  of  natural assets. As  the coir peat moss brick  is really and truly  organic  product. It  guarantees  a high environment acceptability and it is perfectly appropriate as compost for planting plants, bedding and balcony plants, but additionally as ground cover in terrariums.

The compost of coir peat moss brick is perfect to retain fertilizer, nutrition and water. It provides youthful plants ideal growing conditions for that development from the roots. Coir peat moss bricks aren't given chemicals; they're free of seed products and therefore are susceptible to regular laboratory inspections.

Application of Coir peat moss bricks compost:

Coir peat moss bricks need to be drenched in 3-4 litres of lukewarm water and mixed completely. They provide a amount of roughly 8 litres of substrate. It's needed to include regular fertilizer.

Technical Data of Coir peat moss bricks compost:

Dimensions20 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm
Water absorption3-4 litres
Volume7-8 litres
pH Value6.0 +/- 0.5

Packing component of Coir peat moss compost:

Most common packing is in pallets.

650g/brick, 1847 bricks/pallets shrinked
20 pallets / 40' HC
36940 bricks / 40' HC, 24MT/40'HC
Other customized packing's are well entertained

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