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Product Title: Coconut Fibre

Description of Product:

Coconut fibre is really a natural, biodegradable lengthy coconut fibre removed from coconut husks through a special decorticating process.

Application of coconut fibre:

Coconut fibre can be used for producing Erosion Control Blankets, Geo Textiles, Wrapping of drainpipes, Coir beds, Bedding and fabric.

Advantages from coconut fibre:

Low dust content

Less waste and use of the coir fibre throughout the development process? Reduced machine breakdown time

Reduced upkeep of the development line

Elevated and much more efficient production

Technical Data of coconut fibre:

Coconut fibre length in centimetres : 10-15 cm
Colour : Light brown

Packing component of coconut fibre:

Weight130-150 kg (+/- 5kg) Bales
Shipping19-20 MT per 1x40' HC Continer

23-24 MT per 1x40' HC Container
Strapped with ring iron band, or plastic strapping

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Coconut Fibre

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